Fiber Optic Expertise and Excellence

KrellTech provides polishing and inspection solutions for a multitude of optical applications in various industrial fields ranging from telecom to medical to sensing. Rather than providing single-function polish machines, Krell manufactures workcell systems that streamline the entire termination and production process, integrating various optical and testing technologies. These innovations have resulted in a line of high-performance equipment that decrease process time, minimize labor and maximize throughput.

Photonics Research: Economical systems with a high level of versatility address the challenges and continually changing needs of R&D environments.

BioMedical: KrellTech has developed new designs and system enhancements with advanced processing capabilities to meet the stringent standards of emerging imaging, surgical and diagnostics technologies that incorporate fiber optics.

Military and Aerospace: The integration of high reliability optical components in military and aerospace applications has become increasingly critical for public security and mission integrity.
KrellTech’s solutions exceed performance levels and ensure compliance with these industries’ rigorous specifications.

Optical communications: While fiber optic technology has been a mainstay of data and telecommunication for many years, cost reduction and quality throughput is always an area for improvement. KrellTech systems are designed to integrate multiple test and inspection functions into a single workcell, resulting in lower costs and maximum production volume.

Industry and Sensing: KrellTech field polishers with applications for FTTX, mining, CATV and more, are designed to bring production equipment performance to lightweight hand-held and highly portable ergonomic devices.

Custom Applications: Our engineering staff has extensive knowledge of all fiber optic disciplines and the capabilities to address your custom application. We develop systems based upon specific end-user requirements for processing fiber optic connectors, waveguides, fiber bundles, semiconductors, exotic materials, etc.