Fiber Optic Polishing & Inspection Equipment

The KrellTech product line consists of high-performance polishing equipment designed to process optical fiber and connectors with consistent quality that exceeds industry standards. Unique features such as in-line inspection, PC control and optically aligned fixtures provide unsurpassed ergonomic operation and component throughput. Coupled with outstanding customer support, application assistance and extensive engineering resources these products take photonic manufacturing to more cost-effective levels with streamlined production.

Connector Polishers

Economical machines for R&D applications, to mass polishers for high volume production.

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Bare Fiber Polishers

Systems for processing bare fibers featuring real-time video monitoring and inspection.

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Field Polishers

Portable, hand-held machines with production performance.

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Polishing Fixtures

A variety of polishing workholders and jigs for industry standard and custom components.

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Fiber Optic Microscopes

Unique video inspection fiberscopes for in-line quality control.

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Polishing Film & Rubber Pads

Polishing accessories for superior optical performance.

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Cleaning Supplies

Unique cleaning products for connectors and bare fibers.

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