Radian™ and Trig™ Polisher Upgrades

Accessories are available to expand Radian™ and Trig's™ processing capabilities. The SideView Videoscope allows a technician to observe and monitor the polishing process in real-time. This maximizes fiber throughput and minimizes fiber breakage. Adapters are also available for polishing a variety of components with Trig™ and Radian™, including connectors, ferrules and lenses.

Trig™ Bare Fiber Polisher

Starting at $27,000

The Trig™ System is design for processing bare optical fibers. Fiber tips can be polished flat, or at user selectable angles with high precision. Real-time video monitoring provides accurate control of the shaping process, while an in-line vision system permits inspection of the polished surface while the fiber is loaded in the machine. Interchangeable adapters are available for various fiber types and diameters. Trig™ also integrates a PM fiber alignment feature for proper angle orientation. Trig Lite™ is an optional version of the complete Trig™ system, with all features except for surface inspection.

Trig™ Lite Fiber Polisher

Starting at $ 16,500

Trig™ Lite is scaled-down version of the complete Trig™ system, with all features except for surface inspection. Fiber adapters are removable, and can be transferred to an independent microscope station for inspection. As production throughput demands increase, Trig™ Lite can be upgrade to a standard Trig™ Polishing System.

Radian™ Bare Fiber Polisher

Starting at $7,000

Krell’s Radian™ System provides the ability to polish optical fibers at user-selectable and variable angles. Interchangeable adapters accommodate fibers of various diameters and material types. Bare fiber, glass rod or optical bundle polishing is possible with high speed processing. The rotary stage can be interchanged with a variety workholders for polishing fiber optic connectors. Radian™ is ideal for laboratory, R&D and low volume manufacturing applications.