NOVA Optical Polisher

Starting at $ 9,250

Maximum flexibility for optical surface processing is now available with NOVA™. This configurable system supports a variety of polishing applications from connectors to waveguides, and bare fibers to custom components. NOVA™ is scalable for R&D projects, mass production, and the rigors of high-reliability field installation.

Scepter™ Fiber Optic Polishing System

Starting at $27,000

Scepter™ is PC controlled for consistent and Telcordia compliant mass polishing of optical connectors and bare fiber. Technicians are prompted though each process step via the user friendly interface. Various polishing procedures are easily programmed for all connector types and surface finishes. Scepter™ polishing fixtures incorporate Krell’s unique independent suspension and optical alignment design for uniform polishing at each connector position, and maximum consumable film usage. In-line video inspection streamlines production and minimizes component handling.

Scepter X2 Dual Position Connector Polisher

Starting at $ 35,000

Connector polishing capacity has been doubled with the Scepter X2 System. X2 has the same footprint as KrellTech's original Scepter connector polisher, but now supports two polishing fixtures. Up to 24 connectors, Mil-spec termini and ferrules can be processed simultaneously using KrellTech's patented Independent Suspension workholders. If two High-Capacity Workholders are used, 58 components can be processed during the same polishing session. As with all KrellTech polishers, optical performance and surface geometry exceed all industry standards including Telcordia and IEC.

FLex Waveguide Polisher

Starting at $ 9,500

FLex is capable of polishing a variety of waveguide components such as PLCs, optical chips and fiber arrays. It integrates universal carriers that can accommodate components of various dimensions, as well as the ability to polish at variable angles. An optional in-line videoscope allows the inspection of polished surfaces while the waveguide is still loaded in the machine.

SpecPro™ Connector Polisher

Starting at $3,500

SpecPro™ is designed to yield singlemode performance for R&D and medical applications, low volume cable assembly production and field environments. Up to four components can be simultaneously polished, including industry standard connectors, multifiber ferrules, MIL-spec termini, optical bundles, endoscopes and bare fibers. An integrated air-polish routine is available, and SpecPro is also ideal for repairing and retro-polishing damaged connectors. SpecPro™ incorporates Krell’s unique independent suspension feature for more uniform and consistent polishing at each connector position. Krell’s SpecVision™ Video Inspection System can also interface with SpecPro™ for in-line viewing of fiber finishes. In addition to its compact and portable packaging, SpecPro™ features both AC and battery operation.