Polishing Films

Krell offers a variety of polishing films and lapping films for optical connector and bare fiber processing. Diamond, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide abrasives are available in a variety of grit and particle sizes. Specialize flock films can be used for controlling fiber protrusions with multifiber MTP, MTX and MT-RJ connectors. Standard film diameters are 5”, 4” and 2”. Special film order can be accommodated.

Precision Rubber Pads

Polishing pads are crucial for controlling connector endface geometries such as apex offset, radius of curvature and fiber protrusion / undercut. Krell offers precision ground rubber pads necessary to achieve these Telcordia specification. Rubber pads are available in various durometers (hardness) and diameters. Glass disks are also available for processing flat surfaces that are required for bare fibers, SMA connectors and MT style multifiber connectors.