All workholder fixtures incorporate Krell’s unique independent suspension feature at each connector position for more uniform and consistent polishing. Each connector position is also independently aligned to an optical reference for minimal apex offset using Krell's patented workholder mechanism. Polishing workholder fixtures are available for all industry standard fiber optic connectors. All Krell workholders are designed to be quickly and easily interchanged for different applications.

When requesting a workholder quotation, please identify polisher model, connector types, and number of polishing positions.

High Capacity UPC Connector Workholders

Maximize production through-put with KrellTech's HiCap Workholders. Up to 28 UPC connectors can be quickly loaded and processed at a rate of 6 connector per second. An integrated pressure control mechanism guarantees positive contact across all connector endfaces.

Plastic Optical Fiber Workholder

Plastic optical fiber (POF) workkholders can polish over 500 fibers in less than 5 minutes. Adaptable bushing design can accommodate a large variety of fiber diameters. This fixture also features Krell's patented independent suspension design for superior pressure control.

Custom Polishing Fixtures

KrellTech’s engineering team develops customized polishing equipment for all applications and optical requirements. We have designed fixtures for products ranging from cannula and illumination bundles, to waveguides and fiber arrays. When requesting a quotation please provide detailed application specifications and attach all relevant drawings and information.

Multi-Fiber Connector Fixtures

These fixtures are designed to meet the stringent endface geometries such as flatness and fiber protrusion required for multi-fiber ferrules. Connectors supported include MT, MTP, MTO, and MT-RJ. Both UPC and angled fixture are available.

Universal Connector Fixtures

Universal Workholder

KrellTech’s unique Universal Workholder supports all UPC connectors, ferrules, and Mil-spec termini in a single polishing jig. Components supported include SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, SMA 905, SMA906, M29504, LuxCis, ARINC 801, ELIO, MC5, RSC and many others.

Single Fiber Connector Fixtures

Workholders are available for all industry standard optical connectors. These include SC, FC, ST, LC and many others. Both UPC and APC endface geometries are supported. Adapters can also be used for bare fiber polishing in these fixtures.