DART™ Bare Fiber Adapter System

ADJUSTABLE FIBER POSITIONING (patent-pending) INTERFACE WITH TEST EQUIPMENT INSPECT POLISHED FIBER ENDFACES UNIVERSAL 2.5mm ENGAGEMENT INTERCHANGEABLE CONNECTOR MODULES RIBBON FIBER SUPPORT AND PM FIBER ALIGNMENT Universal adapters use a common 2.5mm ferrule interface. These adapters are interchangeable with the base coupler, supporting fiber diameters between 80 and 1000um. The patent-pending positioning feature, integrated in the common coupling mechanism, permits continual fiber advancement and retraction from the ferrule endface. This feature aids with fiber protrusion during polishing, attenuating transmitted power during system testing, and detector/transmitter proximity coupling control. Adapter options are available for ribbon fiber, ball lenses and fiber bundles. Inquire regarding custom applications. Multiple DART™ assemblies can be used in KrellTech and other manufacturers’ connector polishers, converting these machines into mass bare fiber processing systems. Specific connector adapters such as SC/FC/LC/SMA are also available.