KrellTech: Energizing Photonic Production

Founded in 1995, KrellTech introduced the industry’s first portable fiber optic connector polisher with single-mode performance

providing installers and contractors the ability to field terminate single-mode connectors. This was the first in a line of innovative polishing and inspection solutions that have transformed manufacturing lines from single-function machines to workcell systems. The company continues to develop advanced polishing equipment that streamlines the entire termination and production process for a multitude of optical applications in fields ranging from telecom to medical, sensing to avionics.

KrellTech’s extensive fiber optic experience spans all optical termination disciplines

from connectorization through polishing and final testing for bare fiber, connectors and waveguides. Responding to diverse market needs, we create solutions that address a range of application requirements from high volume production to the stringent demands of harsh conditions found in industrial and aerospace environments. Our patented approach to optical component processing combines polishing with in-line inspection techniques for immediate quality feedback, reduced material handling and increased throughput. Merging several independent production steps, process time is decreased, labor minimized, traceability assured, and quality control is maximized.

KrellTech engineers work closely with customers from concept through implementation

on a wide array of industry-standard and custom applications, further solidifying our market-leading position with development assistance, technical resources and ongoing support. Knowledge acquired by Krell through these projects is integrated into our standard polishing equipment line and is utilized as a resource for future projects. KrellTech engineers hold numerous patents and all products comply with and exceed rigorous Mil-specs and Telcordia industry standards.