Biophotonics & Optogenetics

As the use of optics increases in medical procedures, devices incorporating fiber need to be processed by equipment complying with the specifications demanded by these new and diverse applications. While standard connectors may be used, medical instruments such as catheters, image bundles, OCT probes, optogenetic implants and laser delivery systems often integrate unique lightguides and optical coupling components. Polishing systems need to be customized for each manufacturer’s unique device.

Equipment requirements:

  • Flexible equipment design to accommodate specialized connector, probe and cannula types.
  • Ability to polish bare optical fiber, with varying diameters and coating types, at user adjustable angles.
  • Polish exotic shapes on fiber tips such as wedges, chisels and cones for illumination and sensing applications.
  • In-line video systems that permit the monitoring of the process in real-time and measure the dimensions and geometry of the polished surface.
  • In-line video systems that permit the inspection and confirmation of polish surface quality while the device is still loading in the workholder fixture.