Cable Assembly Manufacturing

The demand for optical cable assemblies, patchcords, jumpers and pigtails has been growing exponentially. To be competitive, manufacturers require polishing systems that provide high-speed throughput, low consumable costs and easy operation. At the same time, compliance with industry standards such as Telcordia and TIA/EIA on a consistent and repeatable basis is mandatory.

Equipment requirements:

  • Interchangeable polishing fixtures and jigs that support all industry standard optical connectors (SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC, SC/UPC, FC/UPC, SMA, etc), including multifiber (MTP, MPT, MPO, MT) and small form factor with UPC and APC endface geometries.
  • Universal polishing workholders that support all UPC connectors, ferrules and components without the need to exchange fixtures.
  • Workholders that integrate free-floating, independent suspension at each connector position for uniform and equalized pressure distribution.
  • The ability to automatically “air polish” and denub connectors in the polisher, thus eliminating a traditional off-line and labor intensive manual step.
  • In-line videoscopes that minimize material handling by enabling surface inspection while connectors are still loaded in the polisher.
  • Programmable and automated control with displayed technician prompts to insure consistent processing between operators and workstations.