From fiber optic cable assemblies to quantum light source chips, KrellTech systems polish photonic components using an innovative workcell approach that integrates equipment processing with video monitoring and real-time inspection.

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Photonic Performance

Waveguide & PIC Polishing

Specialized photonic components and fiber arrays can be processed with real-time video monitoring.

Bare Fiber Polishing

Fiber tips can be polished with various geometries and user selectable angles for light control and manipulation.

Connector & Termini Polishing

Polishing procedures are easily programmed for all connector types with in-line surface inspection.

The demand for specialized photonic polishing systems has been the impetus to form KrellTech’s LightWorks Solution Team. Our group consists of select design engineers dedicated to the development of new and unique equipment that addresses custom requirements and specifications.


About KrellTech

Since 1993, KrellTech has developed the most advanced polishing and inspection systems for the photonic and fiber optic industries. Our cutting-edge product line integrates unique processing features and is configurable for all manufacturing, field and research applications.

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