NOVA GEO™ PIC Waveguide & Array Polishing System

NOVA GEO™'s flexible processing platform allows it to be configured for polishing waveguides, PIC optical chips, PLCs and fiber arrays.  Polished endface angles can be varied from 0 to 50 degrees using either manual or automated workholder stages.  GEO™'s component mounting plate is adjustable for varying edge widths and thickness.

Optional video inspection systems monitor the polishing process and inspect the polished surface directly in GEO.  In-line viewing minimizes material handling and is a means to confirm endface geometry before removing the component from the machine.

FLex PIC & Waveguide Polisher

FLex is capable of polishing a variety of waveguide components such as PLCs, PIC optical chips and fiber arrays. It integrates universal carriers that can accommodate components of various dimensions, as well as the ability to polish at variable angles.