Benefits of Inspecting Fiber Optic Connectors In-Line

May 9, 2022, noon

Due to the nature of fiber optic connectors, you need to constantly be aware of what you do to them and what is going on around them to ensure correct performance when put into operation. The use of inspection equipment is indispensable to ensure that you get competent and consistent results from polishing processes. And the best way to ensure you get these results is to use in-line inspection equipment during the polishing process. Here are some benefits of inspecting fiber optic connectors in-line and why we believe everyone should switch to this active monitoring method.

Reduces Material Handling

In polishing, as in everything, human error is inevitable, especially in such a precise line of work. The innovation that KrellTech brings to polishing equipment addresses this and reduces the risk of error as much as possible. That’s how in-line inspection for connectors can save you a lot of time and effort. You should seek to reduce the time spent moving the connectors from one piece of equipment to another for inspection. This way, you can reduce material handling time, which will make the likelihood of a mistake or mishandling much smaller.

Simplifies Workflow

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of inspecting fiber optic connectors in-line is how much time you can save by keeping all your processes in the same work cell. Inspecting your fiber optic connectors is one of the most important steps to ensure they function correctly, and this could be a repetitive process. Therefore, inspecting fibers while they’re still in the polisher makes it much easier to keep a steady workflow as you work through multiple processing steps.

Prevents Contamination

Fiber optic connectors need close-to-perfect levels of polishing to perform correctly. There isn’t a lot of room for error, and there’s even less room for contaminants to block the connector from working. We’ve already mentioned how in-line inspection reduces the chances for human error to damage your end product. But in addition to that, it also exposes the connector to fewer foreign contaminants. This decreases the possibility of foreign contaminants affecting the final polish.

If you’re starting to see how beneficial having an in-line fiber optic inspection tool integrated into your polisher can be, then you should get in touch with KrellTech. We’re the best choice for your equipment needs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our innovations address the challenges of polishing and inspection with state-of-the-art equipment that defines our global leadership in fiber optic polishing.

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