SpecPro™ Polisher

SpecPro™ is designed to yield singlemode performance for R&D and medical applications, low volume cable assembly production and field environments. Up to four components can be simultaneously polished, including industry standard connectors, multifiber ferrules, MIL-spec termini, optical bundles, endoscopes and bare fibers. An integrated air-polish routine is available, and SpecPro is also ideal for repairing and retro-polishing damaged connectors. SpecPro™ incorporates Krell’s unique independent suspension feature for more uniform and consistent polishing at each connector position. Krell’s SpecVision™ Video Inspection System can also interface with SpecPro™ for in-line viewing of fiber finishes. In addition to its compact and portable packaging, SpecPro™ features both AC and battery operation.

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$ 3,500

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SpecPro Text1 ™ Automated Text2Fiber Optic Polisher AUTOMATED AND MANUAL MODELS POLISHES ALL CONNECTORS AND MIL-SPEC TERMINI TO TELCORDIA COMPLIANCE PROCESSES UP TO 4 CONNECTORS BARE FIBER POLISHING INTERGRATED AIR-POLISH ROUTINE INDEPENDENTLY SUSPENDED AND OPTICALLY ALIGNED WORKHOLDERS IN-LINE VIDEO INSPECTION PORTABLE WITH AC/BATTERY OPERATION SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES Optical Performance1 Polishing Performance2 Operational Back Reflection Connectors Connector Support3 < -55 dB, UPC Most industry standard Apex Offset connectors/ferrules/Mil-termini < -65 dB, APC < 50 microns including UPC/APC versions, Insertion Loss Radius of Curvature < 0.25 dB, typical waveguides, fiber bundles,etc. 1 Optical performance may vary between connector 10-25 mm, 2.5 mm ferrules Workholder Types manufacturers. 7-20 mm, 1.25 mm ferrules Manual and automated microfeed 5-12 mm, APC ferrules SpecPro™ is designed for the cost- Polishing Films Undercut/Protrusion 4 inch diameter effective, high-speed polishing of bare 0 to -50 nm fibers and optical connectors. Polishing Motion Bare Fibers Random orbital Workholders are available that enable the automated air polishing of Fiber Diameters Timer 80 μm to > 1.5 mm using adapters User adjustable, digital cycle timing connectors. Automation yields superior endface quality over the 2 Polishing performance can be optimized for specific Video Inspection traditional, off-line manual air polish. applications. Workholders can interface with the SpecPro™ is ideal for low volume SpecVision™ for in-line viewing manufacturing and field applications fiber finishes providing the identical performance Power found in larger production polishers. AC adapter/9 volt battery Size and Weight 7”x 4.5” footprint 4.5 lbs Krell’s SpecVision™ In-line Videoscope can Automated workholders gradually advance Universal UPC workholders are engage with SpecPro™ to inspect connector ferrules to polishing surface for fiber denub available that support all and fiber surface finishes while the component and epoxy removal. Bare fibers can also be connectors/termini with ferrule is loaded in the polisher. polished using the same control mechanism. diameters between 1.25 to 3.2mm. Specifications subject to change without notice Rev. 1, 6/13 krell technologies, inc. · tel: (732) 617-7091 · fax: (732) 617-7092 · www.krelltech.com