NOVA™ Surface Inspection Module

NOVA™'s Surface Videoscope allows the in-line inspection of polished surfaces while the component is still loaded in the polisher.   This minimizes material handling and streamlines photonic production compared to the traditional process of transfering components to off-line inspection stations.  Polishing and specification compliance can be determined in a single workcell.

DART Bare Fiber Adapter

DART™ opens new worlds for traditional bare fiber holding.  In addition to temporarily securing a fiber at a fixed position, an integrated roller mechanism moves the fiber in and out of the adapter.  This allows for variable protrusion and retraction of the fiber endface relative to DART™’s precision support ferrule.

The universal 2.5mm ferrule interfaces with a variety of equipment and components such as polishers, electro-optic packages, test equipment and more.  DART™ can be configured for fiber diameters ranging from 80um to >1mm using interchangeable ferrule tips.

NOVA™ Operation Software Upgrade Kit

This new software kit upgrades NOVA™ polishers with the Enhanced Microfeed Feature.  This polishing routine provides greater programming flexibility for advancing components to the polishing surface at slower and more controllable rates.  Version 1 NOVA software was limited to 10 pre-programmed Microfeed rates, with the slowest being 100um per second.  Version 2 software allows a user to customize rates as slow as 5um per minute.  This yields precise removal of material stock and continual component advancement.  The Enhanced Microfeed is ideal for larger optical surfaces, delicate bare fibers, and connector air polishing.

V2 provides the ability to create "pop-up" window prompts in between each polishing step.  This is very useful as reminder to technicians to clean fibers, inspect polish lengths, confirm geometry, etc. before initiating the next process step.

New folder management allows programs to be organized according to connector types, fiber diameters, component, etc.

Fiber Optic CleanTouch Sticks

Krell Technologies’ CleanTouch Stick is a compact and cost-effective alternative to standard bare fiber/connector cleaners. A connector or bare fiber is simply touched against a cleaning portion that removes all contaminants. This single step process causes all contaminants such as dirt and dust to remain on the CleanTouch Stick. No solvents, compressed air or costly dispensers are required.  Sold in packs of 30 pieces.

Gator Fiber Cleaner

Gator is a cleaning tool for prepping fibers prior to fusion splicing procedures, connector termination, bare fiber polishing, and inspection tasks.  This device can be used either dry or saturated with a cleaning solvent.  Simply compress around a stripped fiber and pull to removed debris and residual buffer coating material.   Dozens of fibers can be cleaned before disposing.  Available in packs of 50 pieces.

InSight™ In-line Video Inspection Station

InSight™ In-line Video Inspection Station  is a dedicated video station for the inspection of fiber optic connectors and photonic components.  All Krell polishing workholder fixtures can quickly engage with this system allowing  in-line inspection without the need to remove the connector/termini/chip/component from the polishing fixture.  This streamlines quality assurance and minimizes the change of component damage and contamination that can occur when removing and transfer parts back-and-forth between polisher and microscope.  Magnification levels can easily be change by the simple exchange of optical objectives.  InSight™ supports NOVA™, Scepter™, SpecPro™, FLex™, Radian™ and Proton polishing equipment and machines.